Dry Cleaning Equipment

At Ally Equipment, we offer dry cleaning equipment and ancillary items engineered for superior durability, throughput, efficiency and results. We are your full-service dry cleaning equipment provider.

Dry Cleaning Machines

Ally carries high-efficiency Columbia Ilsa dry cleaning machines in a range of capacities, alternative footprints and space-saving designs. Engineered to maximize throughput and quality, Columbia Ilsa dry cleaning machines offer flexible controls and shorter cycle times.

Columbia Ilsa
40-pound capacity

This compact machine is engineered for the lowest PPM and highest possible solvent mileage. It offers the IL-2R computer and easy access to 40 standard and special programs. The computer automatically adjusts drying, solvent temperatures and motor speed during each step of the cleaning process.

Columbia Ilsa
Pronto Plus/Perc

Designed for small spaces and big throughput, the Pronto Plus features patented Quick Dri technology and is available in two footprints. It features the IL-2R Computer.

Columbia Ilsa
TD Mach 2/Perc
40- to 160-pound capacities
tandem systems up to 320-pound capacities/Perc

Engineered to boost output through lower total cycle times, the TD Mach 2 is efficient and reliable. It features three automatic self-cleaning tanks, Quick-Dri air circulation an inverter drive motor system and ground guard solvent spill retention tank.

Columbia Ilsa

This non-immersion dry cleaning machine utilizes a patented air-powered loading door, which contributes to fast drying times. Easy access, self-sealed refrigeration coils simplify maintenance and allow for the removal of individual refrigeration group components without the loss of Freon. The average cycle time for this machine is just 39 minutes.

Columbia Ilsa
HCS Compacts

Available in two footprints and offering maximized output, these machines provide easy access, self-sealed refrigeration coils, a double lint filter and patented air-powered loading door.

Columbia Ilsa
HCS CRT Cartridge Series
40-, 50- and 55-pound capacities.

Quick washing and drying phases give the CRT some of the shortest cycle times in the industry. Compact style incorporates two independent cartridge filter circuits to allow for the elimination a distillation unit and result in less energy usage.

Columbia Ilsa
TL HCS C3 Performance Series

This machine offers optional wet and dry steam injection and a standard integrated safety system, as well as Air Power Loading Door and Aero Dynamic Air Channel. Designed for quick cycle times, it’s operable using Class IIIA and IIB solvents.

Columbia Ilsa
TL HCS C3 Tandem Performance Series
Configurable for up to 160 pounds of output

Highly configurable, Tandem systems share the distiller and larger capacity clean distilled solvent tank. They solve space issues and increase output.

Columbia Ilsa
TL HCS N2 Professional Series

This closed-circuit hydrocarbon cleaning system is among the most advanced available. Designed for unlimited cleaning options, it offers programmable d=rum speed, turns and stops.

Columbia Ilsa
TL HCS N2 Tandem
These configurable systems are available in up to 320-pound capacities.
Finishing Equipment

Finishing equipment quickly presses garments that must maintain their tailored shape, such as sport coats, dress shirts, blouses, shirts, pants and dresses. Ally Equipment’s form finishers and presses are efficient and simple to operate. Finishers are easily installed and run by steam or a built-in boiler system. (Unipress, Sankosha, Forenta)

Conveyors & Rail Products

Ally Equipment supplies multiple brands of conveyor systems and rail products to meet your facility’s unique needs. We provide automated storage conveyors, laundry transport systems, uniform systems and order assembly system conveyors, among others. (White Conveyors, Iowa Techniques)

Boilers & Water Heaters

Dry cleaning facilities aren’t complete without an efficient boiler system! Boilers are used to heat and steam water for wet cleaning, drying, pre-cleaning and spotting and steam pressing. We carry several brands and options to perfectly meet your goals. We also carry highly efficient water heaters in a variety of sizes. (Parker, Hamilton Engineering, Columbia, Fulton)

Ancillary Items

Ally Equipment provides virtually any dry cleaning ancillary item you might require, including carts, hand irons, racks, water heaters, air compressors and vacuums.